About Colors by Number

What is Colors by Number?
Colors by Number (designed for the iPad) is an advancecd color selection tool used by design professionals, visual artists, educators, developers and color specialists – to complement the ongoing discovery and use of color in the mediums, applications and interests of their choice – in the studio, the office, at home, or in the classroom and beyond.

Whether you’re searching for fresh color scheme ideas, studying or teaching formal color principles, or fine-tuning palettes for design projects, Colors by Number offers a fresh approach to experiencing color on your own terms.

Colors by Number offers a robust selection of intuitive tools for viewing, saving, editing, printing, exporting, managing and sharing selections from billions of unique color combinations displayed in your choice of 10 distinctive geometric designs. Each of the 10 designs is precisely drawn from a unique grid system based on the proportions of the Golden Section.

Why the name Colors by Number?
Colors by Number defines colors in alphanumeric values (A-F, 0-9) through standard color models (RGB, HSB and Hexidecimal) to enable and encourage the articulation, replication and sharing of unique color combinations.

Is there an instructional video on Colors by Number?
Yes, there’s a video tutorial posted on YouTube that walks you through the app’s features and functions in some detail. The video (5:50) is organized in three segments: View / Save, Select / Manipulate, and Edit / Manage / Export. Here’s the link: http://youtu.be/L_wbxejkH2w

Does Colors by Number provide a shortcut for coming up with color schemes?
Yes, and no. Colors by Number neither implies nor attempts any kind of systematic approach to exploring or explaining the interaction of color. Colors by Number acknowledges the inherent unpredictability and personal nature of color perception by generating random combinations of four (4) colors that you are free to edit at will in any of 10 different designs or “themes.” Colors by Number provides an array of tools for you to use in creating a virtually unlimited number of unique color schemes, the rest is up to you.


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